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The First Book of Carrie‏ (D. Antoinette) in One Thousand Words

The First Book of Carrie‏ by D. Antoinette is today's fearured book on One Thousand Worlds. 


Socially inept Carrie Carter has been a pariah for most of her life. Rumors about her family, ranging from fanciful to utterly ridiculous, have been the bane of her existence. But what her classmates don't know is how close to the truth the rumors really are.

As Carrie eighteenth birthday approaches, she starts to experience subtle changes. Confused and frightened, she thinks that she's going to die from some terrible condition that caused all the males in her family to meet their untimely demise.Nothing could have prepared her for what would happen next.Change is only the beginning...


So it begins…
Five years earlier…

Celeste, this is what is best for Carrie. You would want her to be protected and so she shall be, Cara reasoned with Celeste using mental telepathy.
The sisters all could share thoughts with one another.  That was one of the realities of being their kind. 
Cara hated driving. Flying was much faster, but she couldn’t just leap out of the car and literally fly with the hospital staff in the car with her.  Actually, she physically could and she had honestly considered doing it, but for Carrie’s sake, they were going to retrieve her in the most humanly way possible.  There was a greater goal to be accomplished; today was only the beginning.  The sisters had greedily anticipated this—all save one.
Carrie, Celeste’s only daughter, was all that mattered.   Exposing her too early in advance of transition could possibly traumatize her. Besides, all would be revealed in due time.  Carrie was of age now. 
Many of their kind changed in their early adolescence. Cara herself had. Now that Carrie was in middle school, her time was coming.
You can’t have her! I won’t let you!  Please, I beg you!  Don’t do this!  Let Esther be!  Leave Carrie alone!  Celeste screamed in her head, desperation pouring out of her.
Celeste knew her sisters were getting closer to her house. She could smell them.  The air was thick with the scent of her siblings.  The sin, the evil, the passion…all of this excited her. 
Celeste eyes grew wild with rage.  She was barely able to choke out a smile at her young daughter, who was completely in the dark about what was about to happen to her mother and to her.  Carrie turned on the living room TV and sat on the love seat.  Celeste closed her eyes as she paced the room, hoping Carrie didn’t notice that her eyes were changing from green to black. 
       In an attempt to block all that was happening, Celeste focused mentally on closing the curtains without physically touching them. In a futile effort she attempted to close her mind to her sisters.  No matter what she did, she couldn’t stop them from coming.  Celeste could feel her power draining.  Moving objects mentally always sapped her energy.  The effort was physically taxing.  She could feel her eyes fading from black to white, as they always did when she exercised her power. 
Celeste! Carly chimed in, Stop being so damn dramatic! It’s only a child, remember. You’ve told me that many times before!  How can this be any different? Ohhhh, because it’s you?  YOU’D BEST GET OVER YOURSELF! 
It is said that revenge is a dish best served cold, Carly continued to mentally rant.  Some would say it’s even better than sex!
Carly giggled, enjoying every moment of this.  Truth be told, Carly had been waiting for this moment since Celeste left their sisterhood and decided to raise Carrie as a human.  Carly drove her Range Rover with their other sister, Christine.  The hospital staff followed behind in the hospital van along with Cara.  Carly had the biggest smile on her face as if they weren’t about to break up a family, her own sister’s family.
Christine surveyed Carly as she drove.  Christine may have been the only one out the three who was not enjoying this.  If she had her way, Celeste would still be a part of their sisterhood, and this would not be happening.  The fact that Carly was enjoying this annoyed the hell out of Christine; however, she also knew Carly was a total bitch, so Christine didn’t hold Carly’s behavior against her.
Celeste, dear sister, please be reasonable, Christine interjected before Carly could continue to gloat. What did you expect?  You knew this day was coming.  Carrie will be turning soon; and since you no longer wish to be a sister to us, we must do what is best for Carrie and us. 
What’s best for Carrie is to be with her mother! Celeste screamed. I will tell her about her lineage and our history before she turns, but this is my daughter! I will explain everything to her! Please, don’t do this! I am begging you, do not do this!  Celeste tried to appeal to Christine and Cara.  There was no need to try reason with Carly because she was…well…Carly. 
Celeste was now near tears as she continued to pace the floor.  She was moving even faster now, trying to calm down.  Her feet barely touched the floor.  Celeste’s body was a live wire. She wanted to physically fight her three sisters.  She did agree to these terms, but she never, ever thought she would have to pay, and so soon.  She didn’t plan well for this day, mistakenly believing that she had more time. 
Carrie, her beautiful, sweet Carrie, was channel surfing, still very unaware of what was about to happen. Celeste wished she could pray because she needed divine intervention.  She didn’t want her sisters to take her daughter, but she couldn’t stop them, either.
She is the key and we need her, Cara scolded Celeste.  You of all people know that better than anyone.  This is what has been planned and ordered.  It’s already done.
I smell you, Celeste!  Carly piped in. I smell bubble gum and watermelon lip gloss.  Oh, wait…that’s Carrie!  We are going to have sooo much fun while you’re away.  You used to be so strong, Celeste.  Now you are just pathetic.  It’s sad, really.
This isn’t over! Celeste warned.
Of course not!  This is just the beginning, Carly sang as they all pulled up to take Celeste to a mental hospital.

And Carrie would be one of them…

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